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Michael Saboff msaboff at apple.com
Thu Nov 6 12:23:42 PST 2014

So what happens to the tag when the logical expression in the ASSERT is changed?  Does this generate a new tag?

For me, the filename, function, line number and ASSERT expression are sufficient almost all the time to identify the relevant ASSERT.

I have concerns that creating the tags and associated db will add complexity to the code and our build time and will provide little value.

- Michael

> On Nov 6, 2014, at 11:44 AM, Said Abou-Hallawa <sabouhallawa at apple.com> wrote:
> The function name and the line number may change if the code changes.   A unique tag associated with the assertion should stay the same.  So when you want to search for the assertion, you just need the tag since it is unique.  We can even extend the dump to do the search in Bugzilla as well.  So if the assertion fires, the dump might look like the following:
> 	ASSERTION FAILED (tag: abcde) condition
>         Bug 12345 (closed): ASSERTION failed in someFunction
>         Bug 67890 (open): Still ASSERTION failed in someFunction
> 	… rest of the call-stack
> So you do not even need to search Bugzilla for it.  You would know immediately that the assertion is being tracked by an opened bug.
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