[webkit-dev] Mac G5 OS 10.5.8 - Youtube - Comments Loading - solved

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Mon May 19 07:53:18 PDT 2014


Hello Web Kit for Safari, 

Thank you. Because of you guys, I can keep my G5 tower, without going
'intel' and spending a $1K or $2K on a new computer. 

Youtube was not allowing me to post with Foxfire 3.8 that last of
Foxfire updates for OS 10.5.8 

Glad to see Safari hanging alitle longer. Now with Web Kit/Safari 

Now I can continue my righteous protesting , preaching and teaching on

Your NEW TV with a comment section. LOL ( No more lying TV News, let's
expose teh corruption and move on to LOVE, TRUTH and RESPECT for all
mankind! Screw the Corp. WAR machine! 


Bro Andrew 

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Morro Bay, California * 93442* USA
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PST (M-F) 9 to 5

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