[webkit-dev] Table layout does not clear setNeedsLayout flag for rows?

Mayur K eminemence at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 07:39:50 PDT 2014


I am checking the layout and rendering of the table element in webkit.
In the process I figured out that the link of renderers is as follows:
RenderTable <has> RenderTableSection <has> RenderTableRow <has>
The layout of the table rows is done in RenderTableSection::layoutRows.
I did not see any code to specifically set
RenderTableRow::setNeedsLayout(false) at the end of the function.
While there is a call to RenderTableCell::layout , which will then clear
the layout flag for RenderTableCell.
So is a RenderTableRow::setNeedsLayout(false) needed at the end of the
layout of each row in RenderTableSection::layoutRows?
If not then where is the RenderTableRow layout flag cleared?

Mayur Kankanwadi.

Symbiangeek,Codekata & Webkitwiki all in one - http://flaminghorns.com
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