[webkit-dev] Inactive Committers and Reviewers

Ryosuke Niwa rniwa at webkit.org
Wed Jul 9 07:31:47 PDT 2014

Hello WebKittens,

WebKit reviewers recently had a discussion about the large number of
inactive committers and reviewers left after the Blink fork, and we've come
to introduce a new policy to consider committers and reviewers who have not
contributed to the project over one year "*inactive*".  In addition, any
subversion account that hasn't been used to commit a code change to
svn.webkit.org over one year is subject to the deactivation. [1]

The policy change has been enacted as of r170904
<http://trac.webkit.org/r170904> which added the following section to the
WebKit Committers and Reviewer Policy

*Inactive Committer or Reviewer Status*

A WebKit Committer or Reviewer that has not been active in the project for
over a year is considered inactive. Activity for this purpose is defined as
landing at least one patch in the past year. Reviewers who have reviewed a
patch in the past year will also be considered active.

Inactive Committers can regain Active Committer status by landing (via the
Commit Queue) a non-trivial patch and asking on webkit-reviewers for a
return to Active status.

Inactive Reviewers need to show that they are making an effort to get
 familiar with the changes that have happened in the project since they
last active by landing at least 3 non-trivial patches. Once they have
landed the patches, they need to send an email requesting reactivation to
webkit-reviewers. This request needs the support of 2 Active Reviewers to
be granted.

Note that regardless of a Committer or Reviewer's activity status, any
subversion account that has not been used in the past year will be
deactivated for security purposes. For example, a Reviewer that has
reviewed a patch in the past year but has not committed may have their
subversion account deactivated. To reactivate a deactivated subversion
account, an Active Committer or Active Reviewer can send an email to
webkit-reviewers requesting it.

- R. Niwa

[1] For the initial mass deactivation, I will send an email to each address
associated with the subversion account and give the account owner an option
to keep it active.
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