[webkit-dev] Ports relying on ICU with features omitted?

Darin Adler darin at apple.com
Mon Feb 10 09:40:04 PST 2014

Hi folks.

I’d like to find out which ports are relying on WebKit support for ICU without certain key features. Maintaining these extra code paths creates some difficulties, and it would be helpful to remove them once no one is relying them. For example, we have support for:

UCONFIG_NO_COLLATION: There is and absurdly simplistic, not-even-case-folding sorting code path in WTF::Collator and a dumbed down text searching code path in WebCore::SearchBuffer if a platform has ICU configured without collation features.

UCONFIG_NO_FORMATTING: We have multiple code paths to format dates in JavaScriptCore::DatePrototype, skipping the ICU one if a platform has ICU configured without formatting features.

Is anyone relying on these? If a platform lacks ICU entirely, such as WinCE, we have decided to use an approach where it supplies code that matches ICU’s interface. Such platforms should do that for the collation and formatting features. So I’m not interested in those. Rather, I’m interested in platforms where we are using ICU, but the copy of ICU is being built with features turned off.

I know this is not needed for PLATFORM(MAC), PLATFORM(IOS), and PLATFORM(WIN).

So I guess I am looking for an answer for PLATFORM(GTK) and PLATFORM(EFL) and any others I might have forgotten to ask about.

Can you help?

— Darin

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