[webkit-dev] Heads up: Incremental build issue on cmake (GTK/EFL) ports

Osztrogonác Csaba oszi at inf.u-szeged.hu
Wed Aug 6 23:13:41 PDT 2014

Of course, I used the "Force Clean build" checkbox on
build.webkit.org as you mentioned. ;) So the buildbots
are happy now.

I sent this mail to let the developers know what should
they do if they run into this problem on local builds.

But unfortunately we aren't able to clean the EFL EWS,
only its maintainer can do it. Gyuyoung, could you kick
this bot please? (It seems GTK guys already fixed their EWS)


Ryosuke Niwa írta:
> You should be able to trgger clean builds on build.webkit.org 
> <http://build.webkit.org> once you login.  Or are you talking about 
> downstream bots GTK/EFL bots?
> On Wednesday, August 6, 2014, Osztrogonác Csaba <oszi at inf.u-szeged.hu 
> <mailto:oszi at inf.u-szeged.hu>> wrote:
>     Hi,
>     r171961 changed the path of the generated inspector files (because
>     of r171942) from WebKitBuild/Release/__DerivedSources/JavaScriptCore
>     to WebKitBuild/Release/__DerivedSources/JavaScriptCore/__inspector
>     But unfortunately the old generated files remained in the old
>     path which caused the following strange incremental build error
>     after r172129:
>     In file included from
>     /home/oszi/webkit/Source/__JavaScriptCore/inspector/__agents/InspectorAgent.h:35:0,
>                      from
>     /home/oszi/webkit/Source/__JavaScriptCore/inspector/__JSGlobalObjectInspectorControl__ler.cpp:35:
>     /home/oszi/webkit/WebKitBuild/__Release/DerivedSources/__JavaScriptCore/__InspectorJSBackendDispatchers.__h:89:18:
>     note:        virtual void
>     Inspector::__InspectorRuntimeBackendDispatc__herHandler::__getRuntimeTypeForVariableInTex__tRange(Inspector::ErrorString*__,
>     const WTF::String&, const WTF::String&, int, int, int, int,
>     WTF::String*)
>     To solve this problem, you should simple remove the following files
>     from WebKitBuild/Release/__DerivedSources/JavaScriptCore:
>     InspectorJSBackendDispatchers.__cpp
>     InspectorJSBackendDispatchers.__h
>     InspectorJSFrontendDispatchers__.cpp
>     InspectorJSFrontendDispatchers__.h
>     InspectorJSTypeBuilders.cpp
>     InspectorJSTypeBuilders.h
>     I triggered clean build on the buildbots to fix this issue, but
>     these files should be removed on the GTK and EFL EWS bots too.
>     br,
>     Ossy
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