[webkit-dev] Can we disable "control reaches end of non-void function" warning on Qt?

Ryosuke Niwa rniwa at webkit.org
Thu Sep 12 14:07:54 PDT 2013


http://trac.webkit.org/changeset/155643 broke Qt build with an error saying:

Source/JavaScriptCore/dfg/DFGGPRInfo.h:169:5: error: control reaches end of
non-void function [-Werror=return-type]
cc1plus: all warnings being treated as errors

because of the following code:

GPRReg gpr(WhichValueWord which) const
    switch (which) {
    case TagWord:
        return tagGPR();
    case PayloadWord:
        return payloadGPR();

But the code works just fine as is because WhichValueWord only takes two
values (TagWord and PayloadWord) and they're all handled in the switch

Can we disable this warning so that we don't have to add a bogus code like
the one I had to add in

- R. Niwa
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