[webkit-dev] Qt WebKit removed from upstream

Alp Toker alp at nuanti.com
Fri Oct 4 06:28:54 PDT 2013

Hello Allan,

It's been a great run! QtWebKit was a trailblazer for some of the
creative uses WebKit has found over the years.

I'm sure the WebKit GTK+ developers will join me in saying thanks for
helping open up the WebKit Open Source project, and I look forward to a
time when the paths of the various WebKit ports may meet again.

Alp Toker and the Nuanti team

On 04/10/2013 14:14, Allan Sandfeld Jensen wrote:
> Hello WebKit
> As everybody who followed the discussion in the "Changes in QtWebKit 
> development" thread or recent commits to subversion knows, the Qt port was 
> removed from WebKit trunk on Wednesday this week,
> From Digia we had a vague plan of trying to cut down drastically on the 
> maintenance burden of our port, but without any clear cut goals of what we 
> could use the port for, except it could very likely be useful to our existing 
> users and customers.
> After the announcement of our plan, a lot of scepticism was raised on webkit-
> dev about whether it made sense for WebKit. Since Digia had announced that we 
> would focus on the Chromium based Qt WebEngine, many seemed to feel that we 
> would not be able to contribute enough to the WebKit project to justify the 
> cost to everyone else of keeping the Qt port upstream.
> Based on the feedback from the community we decided to remove the port, 
> instead of fighting repeated conflicts. We have had a great time working with 
> the WebKit project over the course of the past 7+ years. There have been many 
> conflicts but the end result has always been positive, and we would not want 
> to be a burden for the project.
> With that in mind we say farewell to upstream. We will still be using WebKit, 
> and shipping with a brand new branch in Qt 5.2, and we will be active in the 
> project where it makes sense. Feel free to reach out to us using the usual 
> channels.
> Thanks for having us
> The Digia Qt WebKit Team.
> Allan Sandfeld Jensen
> Michael Bruning
> Andras Becsi
> Simon Hausmann
> Jocelyn Turcotte
> Pierre Rossi
> Zeno Albisser
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