[webkit-dev] Proposed patch affects how ChangeLog entries are generated

Ruth Fong ruth_fong at apple.com
Tue May 28 17:59:27 PDT 2013

A proposed patch to remove namespace-only lines generated by prepare-Changelog like “(WebCore):” (https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=113221) affects how ChangeLog entries are generated.

A detailed explanation of what the patch would change is described below and in comments on bugs.webkit.org. 
The proposed patch would not generate namespace-only, class-name-only, or struct-name-only lines in C++ files. Thus, if a change is made within a namespace/class/struct yet outside a function, it will not be reflected in the ChangeLog entry with a specific function name.

Consider the sample file Source/foo/bar/sample.cpp below:
1 class Foo {
2   int x;
3   int y;
4   void bar() {
5      int z;
6   }
7 } ;

Changing lines 2-3 would result in a ChangeLog entry with the following changes denoted:

* Source/foo/bar/sample.cpp:

Notice that it will not report a change in the class Foo, i.e. (Foo) will not be included in the ChangeLog.

In contrast, changing line 5, which resides within the function bar() would result in an entry of the form:

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