[webkit-dev] Turning CSS Variables Off

Sergio Villar Senin svillar at igalia.com
Thu May 16 00:50:51 PDT 2013

En 16/05/13 00:07, Bear Travis escribiu:
> Hi Sergio,
> It's great to hear your interest in the project. As a bit of background,
> CSS Variables is a feature that was originally proposed and developed by
> some folks over at Google. Since the Blink fork, they have continued to
> work on the feature there, but there is no current feature owner (at least
> to my knowledge), in WebKit.

Yeah I know. That's why I tried to get in contact with Luke Macpherson,
the author of the current implementation, but it looks like he isn't
working in Chromium any more.

> My take on the matter is that the feature is incomplete in WebKit, and
> very much needs an active owner to move forward. Without one, it will not
> be able to keep up with the rest of the project, causing snafus like the
> recent run-in with shape-inside (bug 115802 mentioned below). And that
> doesn't even include progress on the feature itself.

Yeah I understood the same from the "Cleaning house"-like recent
threads. I agree that unmaintained features are undesired sources of
issues and even side effects as you mention.

> Is this a responsibility you would be interested in taking on? I wasn't
> sure from your previous email if that was the case. At a minimum, you
> would probably need to fix up bugs that cause issues with other features,
> and stay attentive to regressions.

What I wanted to state in my email is that ideally, the owner should be
someone that had previously participated in the spec definition and/or
the current implementation. I don't fulfill such requirements, but I
have experience contributing to other parts of the project, I think the
feature is interesting and nobody else have stepped up. Summing up, yes,
I'd be happy to try to fix bugs and track regressions while also aiming
to advance the feature.


> -Bear
> On 5/14/13 3:46 AM, "Sergio Villar Senin" <svillar at igalia.com> wrote:
>> En 14/05/13 00:36, Bear Travis escribiu:
>>> Hello WebKit,
>>> There has already been some discussion about removing the CSS Variables
>>> code [1], and some early looks at what removing it from the code base
>>> would look like [2].
>>> Currently, the EFL and GTK ports enable CSS Variables in the
>>> Source/cmake/Options[Efl/GTK].cmake files. I am proposing turning them
>>> off and excluding the CSS Variables tests until someone steps up to
>>> maintain the feature, or the feature is removed.
>> While not being an expert on CSS stuff I plan to devote some time from
>> now on to the CSS variables stuff (I fixed a minor issue recently
>> https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=115802). I'm currently working
>> on fixing some bugs and I regularly check Blink also (looks like google
>> seems much more interested in the feature).
>> So I am not really sure I could be considered as "maintainer" but
>> definitely could try to keep the feature alive.
>> BR
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