[webkit-dev] Turning on the JS experimental features on the runinng webkit (or safari) process

Byoungyoung Lee blee at gatech.edu
Fri Jun 28 14:06:52 PDT 2013

Hello !

I want to test JS experimental features on webkit (which is disabled
by default but turned on by WebKitTestRunner), but I want to see the
rendered screen as well (AFAIK, WebKitTestRunner does not show the
rendered screen?)    WebKitTestRunner is turning on that feature by
invoking WKPreferencesSetJavaScriptExperimentsEnabled() :
Webkit2/UIProcess/API/C/WKPreferences.cpp, so I want to invoke API on
the running webkit process. It is surely possible by simply adding the
code on JavascriptCore and building it, but I better want to do this
without building it again and actually try this with released version
of Safari (or webkit).


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