[webkit-dev] webkit tests fail results running on Windows (probably font-related)

Vladimir Bushin vladimirb at bsquare.com
Mon Jun 24 22:17:20 PDT 2013


I’m running with and without “-p” option and in both cases have trouble passing the tests. Please look below where I post the difference in the tree-dump.
So in this case the command is looking like this:

Tools/Scripts/run-webkit-tests --debug –no-http LayoutTests/css1/box_properties/margin_top.html

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I'm not sure that any of the webkit.org<http://webkit.org> ports actually run with pixel-tests enabled, so the port likely has outdated baselines and getting failures doesn't surprise me at all.

-- Dirk

On Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 11:23 AM, Vladimir Bushin <vladimirb at bsquare.com<mailto:vladimirb at bsquare.com>> wrote:
Hi All,

I’m working on submitting numerous patches for Webkit and need to figure out how to run all the regression tests.

I have most of the webkit tests fail running on Windows with typically the following results:

>Tools/Scripts/run-webkit-tests --debug –no-http –p LayoutTests/css1/box_properties/margin_top.html

[cid:image002.png at 01CE6D2D.CED710C0][cid:image001.png at 01CE6D2D.CED710C0]

The difference tree:
1 layer at (0,0) size 785x1
 1layer at (0,0) size 785x1753
22 RenderView at (0,0) size 785x600
3 layer at (0,0) size 785x1
4  RenderBlock {HTML} at (0,0) size 785x1
5  RenderBody {BODY} at (8,8) size 769x1 [bgcolor=#CCCCCC]
6  RenderBlock {P} at (0,0) size 769x
7  RenderText {#text} at (0,0) size 355x
 3layer at (0,0) size 785x1753
 4 RenderBlock {HTML} at (0,0) size 785x1754
 5 RenderBody {BODY} at (8,8) size 769x1738 [bgcolor=#CCCCCC]
 6 RenderBlock {P} at (0,0) size 769x21
 7 RenderText {#text} at (0,0) size 355x20
88 text run at (0,0) width 355: "The style declarations which apply to the text below are:"
9  RenderBlock {PRE} at (0,3) size 769x120
 9 RenderBlock {PRE} at (0,34) size 769x120
1010 RenderText {#text} at (0,0) size 392x120
1111 text run at (0,0) width 384: ".zero {background-color: silver; margin-top: 0;}"
1212 text run at (384,0) width 0: " "

2424 text run at (392,90) width 0: " "
2525 text run at (0,105) width 200: "P, UL {margin-bottom: 0;}"
2626 text run at (200,105) width 0: " "
27  RenderBlock {HR} at (0,16) size 769x2 [border: (1px inset #000000)]
28  RenderBlock {P} at (0,17) size 769x [bgcolor=#C0C0C0]
29  RenderText {#text} at (0,0) size 203x
 27 RenderBlock {HR} at (0,167) size 769x2 [border: (1px inset #000000)]
 28 RenderBlock {P} at (0,177) size 769x21 [bgcolor=#C0C0C0]
 29 RenderText {#text} at (0,0) size 203x20
3030 text run at (0,0) width 203: "This element has a class of zero."
31  RenderBlock {P} at (0,19) size 769x [bgcolor=#C0C0C0]
32  RenderText {#text} at (0,0) size 232x
 31 RenderBlock {P} at (0,198) size 769x21 [bgcolor=#C0C0C0]
 32 RenderText {#text} at (0,0) size 232x20
<the end of the tree is cropped…>

As far as I can see the Actual text has couple additional pixels of a margin.
The first line “The style declarations….” Is just couple pixels below the Expected line.
The other lines (of the default font) are looking a little thinner than the Expected lines but do not seem to have the additional margin.
The rest of the text is looking similar but with the additional margin.

I have Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 64 bit.
Safari version: 5.1.7 (7534.57.2)
Webkit branch: latest from git://gitorious.org/webkit/webkit.git<http://gitorious.org/webkit/webkit.git>
Compiler version: VS 2005 (8.0.50727.867)
CPU: Intel Xeon E5530

I have cloned the original webkit from:

the fonts were taken from:

and I set the environment variable WEBKIT_TESTFONTS to point to the folder with the fonts. The ‘set’ command displays the right path after restart of Cygwin console.
Didn’t help.

Also in order to fix the problem I tried to get fonts from ‘leopard’ and convert them following these instructions:
It didn’t help

tried to substitute system font folder with the folder with fonts from gitorious. Didn’t help either

The most useful info in archive was this:  https://lists.webkit.org/pipermail/webkit-dev/2011-April/016427.html
and the last line there that it might be a bug.

However WebKit BuildBot builds on Windows somehow.
I’m wondering what is in this folder: WEBKIT_TESTFONTS=C:\cygwin\home\buildbot\slave\WebKitTestFonts

Thanks for all the suggestions!

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