[webkit-dev] For your consideration: Naming scheme for fooIfExists/ensureFoo

Timothy Hatcher timothy at apple.com
Wed Jun 19 09:37:38 PDT 2013

What about?

StyleResolver* existingStyleResolver()
StyleResolver& styleResolver()

— Timothy Hatcher

On Jun 19, 2013, at 11:49 AM, Balazs Kelemen <kbalazs at webkit.org> wrote:

> For me optional seems very misleading and generally different prefixes suggests that those objects are not the same.
> Maybe IfExists does not sound nicely but at least it's clear. I would choose to have a pointer version with IfExists and a reference version which is a noun, like:
> StyleResolver* styleResolverIfExists()
> StyleResolver& styleResolver()
> Br,
> -Balazs

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