[webkit-dev] Adding ENABLE_CSS_DIRECTIONAL_FOCUS to WebCore.

Mario Sanchez Prada mario.prada at samsung.com
Fri Jul 26 01:57:11 PDT 2013

Hy Kyounga,

> From: Kyounga Ra [mailto:kyounga.ra at gmail.com] 
> [...]
> Hi Mario,
> Thanks for your kind comments in detail.

You're welcome. Thanks to you for your patch and doing this work in the
first place!

> I would be very thankful for you to do that work (using/maintaining this
feature) for WebKitGTK+ port.
> Of course, it helps to enhance first patch's quality.

That's the idea, as well as helping normalize the situation about something
that has been widely used for a while already in downstream ports.

> (Please keep my comment. "Copyright (C) 2013 Alticast Corporation. All
rights reserved." with your comment.)

Of course, you are the original author of the patch.

The only reason why you don't see those lines in my experiment in github is
because I based that work on your previous patch, which did not contain
those lines at all.

> Ah, When I made a new patch, had doubts about the file name "Deprecated".
> So, I have to wait the "StyleBuilder" Class to have a clear form.

On this regard, some input from Dirk Schulze could probably be very useful
as guidance here, as he was the original author of the commit where this
class got deprecated[1].

> Also, I'm waiting for the community to conclude this discussion.

Me too. 


[1] http://trac.webkit.org/changeset/148363

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