[webkit-dev] Adding ENABLE_CSS_DIRECTIONAL_FOCUS to WebCore.

Mario Sanchez Prada mario.prada at samsung.com
Fri Jul 26 01:46:33 PDT 2013

Hi Antonio,

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> Ah, thanks for clarifying. That changes the scenario then. Question is
> back to open: is there any port that would be willing to have this
> feature's build flag ON by default?

As Martin said, no upstream port is currently shipping this feature at the
moment, but that's precisely why we were proposing ourselves to help with it
and also to maintain it in WebKitGTK+ once the patch is accepted and
integrated. And that includes doing all the required work to have that build
flag set to ON by default in that port.

Regarding to that, I also think it would be valuable for the discussion if
someone else from the WebKitGTK+ team could explicitly mention here whether
they would be in favour or not to have such a feature enabled, all things


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