[webkit-dev] Adding Web MIDI API support to WebCore

Alexey Proskuryakov ap at webkit.org
Fri Jan 18 15:59:55 PST 2013

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18.01.2013, в 15:04, Levi Weintraub <leviw at chromium.org> написал(а):

> I see that this is intended to go in as a "module". My understanding is that concept was created to allow this sort of thing with minimal impact to core functionality.

Modules certainly help, but they don't solve all issues of scale. There are still costs that are paid even for code that's compiled out.

Some of the costs apply to core system (such as longer checkout times, inability to perform certain kinds of ongoing audits due to amount of change, inability to technically enforce access rules for committing and reviewing code, having to spend resources on monitoring for breakage in subsystems after every commit).

Others apply to subsystems (that could have a different commit/review policy, could have different coding style that better suits their developers, or otherwise avoid constraints of tight coupling to core code).

I'm not advocating for splitting WebCore into multiple independent projects, but I'm advocating for not approaching the line where doing that would be the only way to continue shipping stable products, and to make progress on functionality that improves basic web browsing experience.

I think that the benefits of MIDI API in JavaScript are fairly minor - only a few people have the hardware to use it, and those who do have the hardware won't necessarily live happier lives if their native apps get augmented/replaced with web apps. So, this could be a good feature not not add.

- WBR, Alexey Proskuryakov

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