[webkit-dev] SVG external referencing not working as of latest chrome canary

Dirk Schulze dschulze at adobe.com
Mon Jan 14 07:49:36 PST 2013

Hi Steve,

Thank you for your interest on WebKit. Of course we would like to fix as many bugs as possible in a time frame as short as possible. With limited resources, this does not work very well for some bugs. So we need to prioritize our work. Even if external resources might be a priority for you, it doesn't need to be for others. We currently focus on performance and security. And external references in SVG have their security issues on their own (why we are very careful on implementing them).

After all, WebKit is an open source project. Even if you already contributed by reporting bugs (thank you for that), you are very welcome to commit patches. I see that you may have limited time, as we do as well. A lot of people on this project still contribute in their spare time, even if they are employed to work on WebKit. Please join us to make webkit better. I am happy to review your SVG patches.


On Jan 14, 2013, at 12:52 AM, "Steve Williams" <stephen.j.h.williams at googlemail.com<mailto:stephen.j.h.williams at googlemail.com>> wrote:

Hi Maciej,

1.  It's been on your bug database for ages hence filing another entry won't move anything forwards.
2. svg 1.1 spec seems a little over the top in places so not personally interested in full support - just the good stuff.
3. Have provided you with a minimal test case in the previous post.
4. "Cite real-world sites using the functionality to the relevant bugs."

????? chicken and egg. that's not how we make progress ! I'll use it in our site when it works but can't until it does.
For now I have to iframe as a workaround but that sucks because iframes grab the entire rect for mouse input which means you can't subtly blend svg over html.

5. Like you, I am busy. I don't have time to fix this (really). Sorry,  appreciate you don't like that but it is what it is.

6. Would be great if this could be advanced in priority to enable us to raise the bar, cross browser.

Am sure you won't appreciate this fired back at the mailing list & I realise I'm risking a ban when you've asked me not to do this, but I'm a bit of a rebel :)

Thanks for all your hard work.

FF has svg bugs too - different (lower priority niggles). Will go hassle them next. IE9 a bit wobbly too, but well ... :)

If basic support can be solidified cross browser, we have an interesting platform over & above html5.

Best regards,

On 13/01/2013 21:37, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:

Hi Steve,

If you're interested in more complete SVG support, here are some things you can do:

(1) File bugs for any missing features that don't have bugs already.
(2) Create a meta-bug for "complete SVG 1.1 support" or what have you that's blocked by all the relevant feature bugs.
(3) Add useful reduced test cases to the relevant bugs.
(4) Cite real-world sites using the functionality to the relevant bugs.
(5) Work on implementing some of these features yourself.
(6) Persuade WebKit hackers that you know (offlist) to work on some of these features.
(7) Contact one of the vendors that works on WebKit via their developer relations channels and ask them to implement the features you care about.

If you are interested in more complete SVG support, I encourage you to do some or all of these things.

Note, however, that posting feature requests or advocacy for specific bugs is not really appropriate for this list. It's for talking about the development of WebKit itself, and no one uses requests on this list as a way to drive priorities.

I'm glad to see you are interested in WebKit's SVG support and I hope you will consider some of the possible steps above to improve it.


On Jan 13, 2013, at 8:37 AM, Steve Williams <stephen.j.h.williams at googlemail.com<mailto:stephen.j.h.williams at googlemail.com>> wrote:

Hi all,

   I've done a little experimenting to see where we're at wrt to svg feature set and it seems webkit is lagging some way behind gecko.

Of particular concern is lack of external referencing capability through the svg use tag.

I attach a simple example that works in firefox for your consideration.

root.svg should link through to object.svg and render it.

It doesn't in latest chrome canary. You've had a bug filed on this for a long time but it's still unresolved so thought I'd mail.


"We are lowering the priority because this is not heavily used."

The feature is not used heavily because it doesn't work properly.

Never use lack of use as a reason to not do something :)

SVG is important because it's the lowest common denominator high spec graphics interface across all major browsers. Looks like you're behind ie9 in terms of implementation. You should at least match their implementation so we can raise the bar. Of course IE should implement webgl but until they do SVG is the best we've got across all mainstream browsers.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

webkit is behind the curve in implementation of this web standard - please address this.

Best regards,
Steve Williams
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