[webkit-dev] Changes to the WebKit2 development process

Antonio Gomes tonikitoo at webkit.org
Wed Jan 9 11:46:33 PST 2013

Hi Sam. Some comments below.



>> Curious about this myself, I just reviewed a patch only affecting the
>> GTK-specific parts of WebKit2, I believe that is OK? Should we ammend
>> the Owners file to include information about port-specific directories
>> and reviewers?
>> Cheers,
> At this point, we ask that all completely non-trivial patches be reviewed by an owner, even if in port specific code.

First, I would like to say that I understand the frustration you guys
might have faced by not being able to move Core WebKit2 development at
the speed you guys think you could go due to other WebKit2 ports. That
is indeed not the goal of the project, and likely the first time the
project has seen it at this scale (correct if I am wrong, please).
Further, although I do not fully support the direction pointed out as
the solution to this problem, I have to agree that it might work.

However, I am wondering if the new Core WK2 owners would really feel
comfortable in reviewing Qt, Gtk and EFL specific WK2 patches - given
that they are likely unfamiliar with the code. Does not it go against
the primary *rule* of the WebKit reviewership process, where a
reviewer is only allowed to R+ a patch he/she fully understands?

If we had a concept of a super-review instead, like Firefox, where
owners sometimes rubber stamp patches even when they do not have the
know-how to reliably review it, given that the patch has got an r+ of
someone else that actually does.

Maybe your last email was that one that actually "scared" me.

Looking forward for you reply,

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