[webkit-dev] ChangeLog format

Carlos Garcia Campos carlosgc at webkit.org
Wed Aug 21 23:11:20 PDT 2013

El mié, 21-08-2013 a las 23:01 -0700, Ryosuke Niwa escribió:
> On Wed, Aug 21, 2013 at 10:54 PM, Ryosuke Niwa <rniwa at webkit.org>
> wrote:
>         On Wed, Aug 21, 2013 at 10:50 PM, Carlos Garcia Campos
>         <carlosgc at webkit.org> wrote:
>                 El mié, 21-08-2013 a las 14:04 -0700, Ryosuke Niwa
>                 escribió:
>                 > Hi,
>                 [...]
>                 >
>                 > Separately, I'd like to know whether people liked
>                 the new format and
>                 > it's worth my time making webkitpy adopt the new
>                 format.
>                 I prefer the old format.
>                 >
>                 > I personally didn't like the old format because it
>                 made the first line
>                 > of each change log too long.  I'm also not a big fun
>                 of wrapping URLs
>                 > in angle brackets.  It's also unclear to me what
>                 should happen when
>                 > there are multiple Bugzilla URLs to list.
>                 >
>                 >
>                 > But I hear the new format made git log --oneline
>                 much more readable so
>                 > I can be convinced although I don't intend to use
>                 git for WebKit
>                 > development in the foreseeable future myself.
>                 Well, git log is not actually affected by the
>                 ChangeLog format, but by
>                 the commit message. I mean, we generate the commit
>                 message from the
>                 ChangeLog, so we can keep the old format in the
>                 ChangeLog and update the
>                 script to generate the commit message to make it
>                 better for oneline git
>                 log format. webkitpy parses the ChangeLog not the
>                 commit message, so
>                 everything should work.
>         If I'm not mistaken, I think a bunch of tools DO analyze git
>         logs to do the work; commit-queue, webkitbot, etc...
> e.g. MarkBugFixed._determine_bug_id_and_svn_revision
> uses tool.scm().svn_commit_log to figure out the bug number.  In fact,
> the code assumes that the commit log uses the same format as the
> change log and uses changelog.py's parse_bug_id_from_changelog
> In fact, making change log & commit log use a different format is much
> more challenging than changing the format of change log & commit log.
>  It requires A LOT of refactoring and bug fixes in webkitpy.  I don't
> even know much work is required for webkitperl and other tools.

I see, I thought ChangeLog parser was used everywhere. So, I guess the
solution would be to find a format most people like and adapt all
scripts to it. I personally think it's not worth it, though. The oneline
git log format is ok with the old commit message format IMO. If the only
problem is that the bug number is not in the first line we can probably
add it without adding the URL in angle brackets, something like:

Bug 119872 - REGRESSION: Crash under JITCompiler::link while loading Gmail

> - R. Niwa

Carlos Garcia Campos

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