[webkit-dev] WebKit2 and ENABLE_PLUGIN_PROCESS

Allan Sandfeld Jensen kde at carewolf.com
Mon Aug 19 09:38:53 PDT 2013


On Monday 20 May 2013, Anders Carlsson wrote:
> Hello,
> is anyone building WebKit2 without ENABLE_PLUGIN_PROCESS set, running
> Netscape plug-ins in the web process?
No but we were building WebKit2 without ENABLE_PLUGIN_PROCESS on Windows 
because we have plugins enabled in WebKit1, but it is unsupported in WebKit2. 

We have had WebKit2 disabled on our build-bots for 2 months because WebKit2 no 
longer builds without ENABLE_PLUGIN_PROCESS.

Perhaps it would be cleanest if we removed ENABLE_PLUGIN_PROCESS since it is 
no longer possible it disable, and perhaps introduce something to disable 
NPAPI only in WebKit2.


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