[webkit-dev] Should SATURATED_ARITHMETIC_LAYOUT be forced when enabling SUBPIXEL_LAYOUT ?

Javier Fernandez jfernandez at igalia.com
Thu Aug 1 01:47:55 PDT 2013


On 31/07/13 22:35, Benjamin Poulain wrote:
> It looks to me like it is a good idea on the long term to have saturated
> arithmetic enabled when you have subpixel layout.
> I believe only GTK and EFL enable subpixel layout at the moment(?). You
> can probably lead the way and mature the feature and others will follow.

I've been in conctact already with the GTK+ port maintainers and they
seem willing to enable SATURATED_ARITHMETIC_LAYOUT by default in the future.

I think besides the two ports you mentioned the Qt port enables
subpixel_layout as well, so I'll try to get feedback from the port



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