[webkit-dev] Is there a plan for supporting multi-process and WebCL in webkit

Benjamin Poulain benjamin at webkit.org
Tue Apr 9 10:47:00 PDT 2013

Hi Oneal,

On Tue, Apr 9, 2013 at 2:40 AM, Oneal Bluce <onealbluce at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hello, I'm a researcher and I just focusing on the multi-process
> supporting and WebCL supporting in browser engin. so I have some concerns
> about the both features.
> In recently, Google has pronounced that they will support the
> multi-process in their browser egin(Blink) which is forked from the webkit.
> but Google will not supporting the WebCL in Blink.  so I just want to know
> is there a plan supporting the multi-process and WebCL in webkit.

I am very curious about the source of interest in OpenCL on browser. While
OpenCL is a great technology, I have the feeling it is not ready for the
What kind of applications do you foresee being powered by OpenCL on the Web?

I can imagine some use of CPU based kernels for the web (for image
manipulation for example). But I have a hard time seeing how adding full
support of OpenCL would not be shooting ourself in the foot at this point.
That may change in the future when GPU hardware converges...

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