[webkit-dev] Feature removal: CSS variables

Geoffrey Garen ggaren at apple.com
Sun Apr 7 16:54:26 PDT 2013

> As a web developer, I'm very disappointed to see this feature removed. I would prefer it to be enabled in Safari and maintained by the remaining WebKit contributors. Especially now, removing a feature like this sends an unfortunate signal about your intentions for the project and your commitment to continued advancement. A commonly repeated narrative regarding Google's fork is that they were the only ones dragging WebKit forward, and this doesn't do a lot to disprove it.
> [….]
> It seems like WebKit is at a crossroads: You can deal with the engineering shortfall that Google's departure has left you with by simplifying the architecture, cutting out their features and continuing at a reduced pace, or by stepping up yourselves to fill the gap. I think it would be better for the web and for WebKit if you chose the latter.

This conversation will be more productive if we base it on fact, and not commonly repeated narrative.


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