[webkit-dev] Status of Windows Port?

Xan Lopez xan at gnome.org
Fri Apr 5 00:46:41 PDT 2013


On Fri, Apr 5, 2013 at 12:19 AM, Benjamin Poulain <benjamin at webkit.org>wrote:
> I don't know exactly what is the problem with integrating Qt...but I think
> fixing that will be far less work than making a new WebKit2 port from
> scratch.
> WebKitGTK+ also run on Windows. But I don't know if it supports WebKit2.

No, WebKit2GTK+ is not supported on Windows. If someone is willing to do
the work we might consider adding it, but it's not in our plans at the

Of course as you mention WebKitGTK+ (WebKit1) is supported on Windows.

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