[webkit-dev] Cleaning House

Geoffrey Garen ggaren at apple.com
Thu Apr 4 11:56:45 PDT 2013

> I'd also suggest purging the chromium layout tests ASAP so we can enjoy the much-reduced archive sync costs.
> We really need to get the Mac or Win EWS performing tests by default and reliably before doing this. At present, only the chromium-linux EWS bot has been consistently running tests. When Mac/Win tests were turned on recently, it resulted in huge backups on those EWS bots, and eventually having tests disabled.

Sorry, I got excited and removed the Chromium test results before I read this email.

If committers are willing to do their own regression testing and committing, we can move forward with cleaning house. (For what it's worth, that's how I've always worked.)

Otherwise, if we want to depend on the Chromium EWS tester and the Chromium commit queue, we have to put cleaning house on hold. We need to keep the Chromium/v8 port building, and maintain its test results, until we have alternate sources for that stuff. If that's the consensus, I'll restore the cr-linux and cr-linux-x86 test results.

My preference is to move forward with cleaning house. It has already reduced the webkit download size by 1GB. What do other folks think?

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