[webkit-dev] WebKit image rendering performance

Klemen Slavič krof.drakula at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 01:45:34 PDT 2012


First time poster. While I admit I haven't worked on WebKit code (yet), I'm
very familiar with its workings across different implementations (desktop,
mobile and otherwise).

In my research regarding WebKit rendering performance, I've stumbled upon
an interesting artefact while animating spritesheet-based image animations.
I've written up a an article on the effects and metrics, including a
minimal test case to help demonstrate the effects on various


I remember reading somewhere in the WebKit archives (messages dated at
least one year ago) about keeping render objects removed from the tree by
caching them according to their URI, but have since been unable to locate
that specific message. From what I understand, the effects described in the
document seem to match up exactly with what I'm assuming is happening
inside the engine and according to Levi Weintraub's high-level description
of the rendering engine.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback on the document, to help optimise
my approach when dealing with graphically intensive games and applications.
I wouldn't mind getting my hands dirty with the source if someone can point
me in the right direction.



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