[webkit-dev] Some testcases of JavaScriptCore are obsolete.

thangdd thangdd at tsdv.com.vn
Mon Oct 1 18:33:02 PDT 2012

Dear WebKit members,
I posted this question to WebKit-Help, howerver this question is more 
suitable with WebKit-dev, I think.

Now, I'm building and testing for JavaScriptCore at version r533.19.4,
which is tagged from rev 73784 ( I saw the log at 

I got many failed while running script 
For example for running test for
I got following message:
STATUS: Number formatting test.
Failure messages were:
var o = new Object(); o.toString() = [object Object] FAILED! expected: {}
o = {}; o.toString() = [object Object] FAILED! expected: {}
o = { name:"object", length:0, value:"hello" }; o.toString() = false FAILED!
expected: true

I think this file is obsolete, however current test script does not skip
this file. Do you think so?

I have download the latest the version of SpiderMonkey, revision 1.8.5.
I saw that there are many js files are skipped.
For example: js1_2/Objects/toString-001.js is one of them. And it's 
explained that file is

So my question is:
Are there some files obsolete when running test for JavaScriptCore revision
And if there are some, could you tell me which are obsolete?

Thank you very much,
Best regards,

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