[webkit-dev] Adding <main> element to WebCore

Ryosuke Niwa rniwa at webkit.org
Thu Nov 29 20:35:33 PST 2012

On Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 7:32 PM, James Craig <jcraig at apple.com> wrote:

> On Nov 29, 2012, at 7:10 PM, Ryosuke Niwa <rniwa at webkit.org> wrote:
> > I don't see a harm in waiting another couple of weeks or months until
> standards discussion settles assuming that the main element doesn't become
> the longdesc of the next decade.
> Don't confuse the two. The argument over the @longdesc extension is not
> even close to unanimous even within the accessibility development circles.
> Major objections to @longdesc came from several of us working full-time on
> accessibility.

I was not intending to confuse the two. What I all meant to point out is
that there still is an active debate. I mean just look at responses on this
thread. There are people objecting to this feature. That’s a good
indication that the feature is still premature.

I’m not necessarily objecting to adding this feature to WebKit at some
point. All I’m asking is to wait until standards discussion settles.

- R. Niwa
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