[webkit-dev] Custom V8 bindings for WebWorkers

Marshall Greenblatt magreenblatt at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 15:18:26 PST 2012

Hi All,

Applications embedding WebKit and Chromium can use existing C++ APIs
to dynamically add custom V8 JavaScript bindings. These bindings allow
closer integration between the script execution environment and the
host application and are currently supported for page contexts via the
FrameLoaderClient::didCreateScriptContext callback. However, custom V8
bindings are not currently supported for WebWorkers. Combining the
multi-threaded capabilities of WebWorkers with the flexibility offered
by custom V8 bindings would be an extremely useful feature for some

How would people feel about exposing a V8 binding capability for
WebWorkers? Would adding new callbacks similar to
Platform::didStartWorkerRunLoop and Platform::didStopWorkerRunLoop be
a reasonable implementation approach?


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