[webkit-dev] Implement threaded model of Coordinated Graphics

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Slava, I think the new proposal is about threading in the web process, not in the UI process like we do in Qt.
I've posted some comments on the meta bug, thank you for the heads up on the mailing list!

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Subject: Re: [webkit-dev] Implement threaded model of Coordinated Graphics

Qt WK2 port already runs layer tree painting on separate thread.
Layer tree renderer is created on main thread, but rendering is performed only on paint thread.
Qt5 creates paint nodes for painting and QQuickWebPage paint node keeps threaded reference on LayerTreeRenderer. Messages to LayerTreeRenderer are delivered through dispatchUpdate/bind/renderQueue .
All updates from renderQueue to renderer are applied in QQuickWebPage::updatePaintNode call. QQuickItem::updatePaintNode is very special call. During this call main thread is locked and it is safe to access main thread objects from paint thread.

So, the only thing that needs to be implemented for GTK is replacement for Qt paint node and sync point similar to QQuickItem::updatePaintNode .


On Fri, Nov 16, 2012 at 12:44 AM, Jae Hyun Park <jae.park at company100.net<mailto:jae.park at company100.net>> wrote:
Hi, webkit folks.

Our team is currently implementing threaded model of Coordinated Graphics in GTK+ port.
The purpose of sharing is to report our progress and make reviewers easier to understand the overview picture.

We have updated the design document in the link below:

Our prototype for this implementation is shared in the GitHub.

The prototype is still in development, and only implemented up to step 1 in our design document.

Any comments/concerns are appreciated.

Best regards,
Jae Hyun Park

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