[webkit-dev] Queries regarding indexed db implementation

Alec Flett alecflett at chromium.org
Wed May 2 09:58:56 PDT 2012

On Wed, May 2, 2012 at 4:42 AM, 김지연 <jiyeon0402.kim at samsung.com> wrote:

> Hi all.****
> ** **
> This is Jiyeon Kim recently joined webkit-dev mailing list.****
> **

Welcome - I'm somewhat new here myself, but I am working on IndexedDB
support in WebKit..

> I’ve got two questions on IndexedDB.****
> First, I wonder, while Web storage and Web SQL have tracker, why Indexed
> DB doesn’t have tracker.****
What do you mean by "tracker" ?

> Second, if you look at *IDBFactory::*open*() method in IDBFactory.cpp*
>  file,****
> the fifth argument of *m_backend->open(name, request.get(),
> context->securityOrigin(), frame, String());* is not about path
> information but a string (i.e.,*
>  document->page()->group().groupSettings()->indexedDBDatabasePath()*;).***
> *
> I also wonder why it is a string rather than a path.
> The m_backend is an interface to the actual database implementation - that
tends to deal with stuff at a slightly lower level (i.e. actual paths on
disk, etc) - are you looking for a url path? All the IDB's for a security
origin are accessable to each other, and not connected to the rest of the
URL (i.e. http://foo.com/abc has the same security origin as
http://foo.com/xyz so they have access to the same set of IDB files, so
indexedDBDatabasePath() is the same)


> Thanks for your time to look into my questions.
> Best regards,
> Jiyeon Kim****
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