[webkit-dev] Moving to Git?

Lucas Forschler lforschler at apple.com
Thu Mar 8 16:20:13 PST 2012

Could someone enlighten me on what this page would look like after a conversion to git?



On Mar 8, 2012, at 3:22 PM, Dirk Pranke wrote:

> On Thu, Mar 8, 2012 at 2:37 PM, David Barr <davidbarr at google.com> wrote:
>> The monotonic labels that Ryosuke desires are known in git language as
>> "generation numbers". If we maintain a canonical linear history going
>> forward, they would also be unique as with Subversion. This could be a
>> good reason to resurrect the relevant thread on the git mailing list.
> slightly-offtopic, but I had not heard of "generation numbers" before.
> Based on a cursory web-learning pass (*), it sounds like they're not
> quite the same thing as SVN revisions, since SVN revision numers are
> unique to a repo, and two revisions on two different branches may have
> the same generation number. Since we do actually keep branches in the
> master repo, this wouldn't quite be the same  (although it might
> possibly be acceptable). Please correct me if I'm wrong ...
> -- Dirk
> (*) http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6702821/git-commit-generation-numbers
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