[webkit-dev] Could not find answer: Build and run Cairo Webkit on XP

cwienands cwienands at gmx.net
Tue Jan 17 20:37:59 PST 2012

Hello all,

for the past hours I have tried to find a solution to the following issue:
After successfully building the Cairo port on my machine (XP SP3, VS 2005
Express) I tried to execute the MiniBrowser and other executables but always
got the following error message:

The procedure entry point WSAPoll could not be located in the dynamic link
library WS2_32.dll.

I searched the web and here is what I found out so far. I'm not sure if I'm
allowed to post links so I provide Google instructions instead:
-WSAPoll is only supported on Vista and higher.
-The offending library is libcurl.dll and maybe cairo.dll as well. See
thread "Kunio Yamazaki Running WebKit Cario on WinXP".
-It is caused because the library/libraries are built with "#define WINVER
0x0600" instead of with "#define WINVER 0x0502". See blog post "Mateusz
Loskot WSAPoll hacks for libcurl".
-libcurl.dll and cairo.dll are provided with the WinCairoRequirements.zip
file that is automatically downloaded with the "update-webkit --wincairo"
-WinCairoRequirements.zip has been updated on 01/12/2012 whereas the source
ZIP file on the same public.me.com website is from July last year.

Question #1: Does anybody have an easier solution to solve the WSAPoll
problem on XP than starting to build my own WinCairoRequirements?

Question #2: If I have to build my own requirements specifically for XP,
where can I find the latest source code that is also used for the official
WinCairoRequirements.zip build, plus instructions on how to do the build? I
looked at libcurl and it contains pretty well-written build instructions for
Windows but I didn't see any for cairo.dll.

Thanks a lot,

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