[webkit-dev] Uninitialized constructor changes from Coverity

Greg Billock gbillock at google.com
Wed Jan 11 11:33:30 PST 2012

As part of a Chromium team fixit recently, I submitted a few changes
found by Coverity. A couple of these had found more serious issues,
but there are a couple oustanding changes that are more minor.


What is the group's feeling about fixing static analysis tool-found
issues like this?

Pros for fixing such things:

* Explicitly initializing leaves less room for future mistakes
* Having fewer coverity issues means the serious ones get noticed faster
* Code the tool understands is easier for humans to understand


* Performance (although some tests showed this to be a non-issue for
these changes particularly)
* Style objections to initializing union-style fields which have
application-level guards anyway

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