[webkit-dev] layout tests: how are some compared against image, and others only text?

Elliot Poger epoger at chromium.org
Wed Jan 4 15:39:43 PST 2012

What is it that causes some tests to require baseline images (and not text
files) for comparison, while others require text and not image baselines?

(I know that I can specifically SKIP comparison against IMAGE and/or TEXT
using test_expectations.txt... but even without the use of
test_expectations, I believe that some tests are compared against only text
or only image.)

As an example, I see that this test has only image baselines and no text

$ ls LayoutTests/platform/*/fast/canvas/canvas-text-baseline*.png | wc -l
$ ls LayoutTests/platform/*/fast/canvas/canvas-text-baseline*.txt | wc -l
ls: cannot access
LayoutTests/platform/*/fast/canvas/canvas-text-baseline*.txt: No such file
or directory

while this test has only text baselines and no image baselines:

$ ls LayoutTests/platform/*/fast/canvas/canvas-lineWidth*.png | wc -l
ls: cannot access LayoutTests/platform/*/fast/canvas/canvas-lineWidth*.png:
No such file or directory
$ ls LayoutTests/platform/*/fast/canvas/canvas-lineWidth*.txt | wc -l

Is there something inherent in each test that indicates whether its results
will be compared against image and/or text baselines?  Or is it simply a
matter of what baseline files are found to compare against?
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