[webkit-dev] Regarding enabling Accelerated 2D Canvas for Android Webkit

Avi D www.avid at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 04:25:23 PST 2012

I am fairly new to Webkit. I am currently trying to Enable
ACCELERATED_2D_CANVAS flag for my build.
When the Flag was enabled (changed in Platform.h -> #define
ENABLE_ACCELERATED_2D_CANVAS 1), I got some build errors related to
On further digging into the information, I found that there was a Webkit
port which was planned for Android but was later cancelled due to Android
using the Chromium port. I did not find much information but for a blog
Doorthy team which claimed to have succesfully enabled Accelerated 2D

I have 3 questions:
1. Is android porting required for resolving this error? (i.e, Enabling
2. Can i use Chromium port for using the ACCELERATED_2D_CANVAS? If yes,
then how?
3. Is there any other way to get ACCELERATED_2D_CANVAS working for the
current android webkit?

I am currently working on Webkit version:84325.

P.S: I am sorry if the questions sound too dumb.
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