[webkit-dev] CSS3 Paged Media module

Milian Wolff milian.wolff at kdab.com
Wed Feb 8 04:50:54 PST 2012


I am interested in improving WebKits printing capabilities. Especially a way 
to define headers and footers would be most welcome. The CSS3 Paged Media 
module [1] should allow just that.

I wonder, has anyone begun working on this? If not, I am willing to give it a 
shot. I realize that this is a big task, and it will probably be hard for a 
newcomer like me to do properly. Hence take this email also as a cry for help. 
Any hints like what to tackle first, would be very welcome.

Looking at the sources, my current understanding of what needs to be done is 
the following:

1) implement CSSParser::createMarginAtRule

this should probably return a CSSMaringAtRule which inherits CSSStyleRule. Is 
there any documentation on what else to do? Which existing CSSRule 
implementation could I use as a reference?

2) handle the MarginAtRules in layouting

I bet that this will be the hard work ;-) Again, is there any documentation I 
should read? Any hints? Are there maybe existing css rules that I can use as a 

I furthermore wonder whether this can be implemented without too heavy 
changes. So far, the PrintContext is rather detached from the actual layouting 
mechanism. Especially considering that CSS3 allows different page sizes based 
on @page rules, I have a hard time of figuring out how this could work with 
the existing API. I fear there are (big?) changes required here.

As such, any hints or guidance would be much appreciated.

3) unit testing

I see that there are existing printing unit tests in LayoutTests/printing/ and 
reckon that the above needs extensive testing and I'll try to get this done as 

4) Probably related to 1 & 2, I guess one must also improve support for @page 
rules in general.

Cheers, I appreciate your help.

[1]: http://www.w3.org/TR/css3-page/
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