[webkit-dev] minor change to handling errors in the expectations files for new-run-webkit-tests

Dirk Pranke dpranke at chromium.org
Thu Feb 2 14:03:32 PST 2012

Hi all,

I have recently landed a couple of changes to NRWT to make it slightly
more robust and/or waterfall-friendly.

First, on the chromium.org bots, there is now a "webkit_lint" step on
the bots that checks the expectations files for errors/warnings and
will fail if there are any. A similar change to the webkit.org bots
will be coming shortly.

Second, if you are not "linting" the file (using --lint-test-files),
any problems with the expectations will simply be warnings, not
errors. A log message will be reported, and the line in question will
be ignored. This will allow the bots to run as many tests as it can
while there are problems with the file, instead of bailing out at the

Lastly, if you run --lint-test-files at the command prompt with out
also specifying a port using the --platform switch, it will lint *all*
of the platforms. This change has been made primarily since the
chromium port uses these files most often, but you would only lint the
chromium port by default on linux, so it was a bit prone to user

Feedback is always welcome. Thanks!

-- Dirk

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