[webkit-dev] PSA: Commit-queue/Cr-Linux Delays expected until EOD

Eric Seidel eric at webkit.org
Mon Apr 23 14:36:39 PDT 2012

run-webkit-unittests was hung on the 2 cr-linux EWS machines:

Causing a queue overflow:
http://ews-watcher.kov.eti.br/ (big red line to the sky)

The CQ was unaffected, but because most patches are "fast-tracked"
(don't get re-tested if the cr-linux-ews was green) the CQ has been
riding on the tails of the cr-linux-ews and is now over-capacity while
it recovers.

This combined with the normal "monday morning patch spike" has caused delays. :)

Normal service should resume by EOD/tomorrow morning.


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