[webkit-dev] webkit-dev [check-webkit-style - shows warnings on the untouched code in repo]

Kishore Ganesh kbolisetty at innominds.com
Tue Sep 27 22:59:35 PDT 2011

Hi All,

We Have a patch to upload for the bug id : 39986.

The changes are in RenderTable.cpp and RenderTableSection.cpp.

When we run check-webkit-style on each of these files, It shows few errors
that are not related to our patch. Can some suggest,

.         If anyone has already seen such behaviour & 

.         If we can ignore these Or we need to cleanup all the warnings
though its not related to the fix for 39986?

Here is the output from the script.


$ Tools/Scripts/check-webkit-style Source/WebCore/rendering/RenderTable.cpp

Source/WebCore/rendering/RenderTable.cpp:36:  Alphabetical sorting problem.

ild/include_order] [4]

Source/WebCore/rendering/RenderTable.cpp:89:  Should have only a single
space af

ter a punctuation in a comment.  [whitespace/comments] [5]

Source/WebCore/rendering/RenderTable.cpp:141:  A case label should not be

ed, but line up with its switch statement.  [whitespace/indent] [4]

Source/WebCore/rendering/RenderTable.cpp:145:  One line control clauses
should n

ot use braces.  [whitespace/braces] [4]

Source/WebCore/rendering/RenderTable.cpp:1092:  An else statement can be

when the prior "if" concludes with a return, break, continue or goto

  [readability/control_flow] [4]


$ Tools/Scripts/check-webkit-style


Source/WebCore/rendering/RenderTableSection.cpp:27:  You should add a blank

after implementation file's own header.  [build/include_order] [4]

Source/WebCore/rendering/RenderTableSection.cpp:216:  Boolean expressions
that s

pan multiple lines should have their operators on the left side of the line

ead of the right side.  [whitespace/operators] [4]




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