[webkit-dev] Implementing HTML5 time element

Vineet Chaudhary rgf748 at motorola.com
Thu Sep 15 11:19:18 PDT 2011

I am intending to implement the HTML5 <time> tag.

With Reference to Specification on :

I have already logged bug for this in webkit bugzilla

Description : The time element represents either a time on a 24 hour clock,
or a precise date in the proleptic Gregorian calendar, optionally with a
time and a time-zone offset.

Only the latest Opera(11.51) have support for this tag.
I partial implementation to support  this tag, with below interface.

  interface [
    ] HTMLTimeElement : HTMLElement {
          attribute [Reflect] DOMString dateTime;
           attribute [Reflect] boolean pubDate;
          readonly attribute Date valueAsDate;

Currently working on below listed working items.
1) If datetime attribute is not present, then the element's textContent must
be considered if valid.
2) pubdate needs to be supported.

Please let me know your thoughts,

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