[webkit-dev] How do I turn off timeout for unresponsive plug-ins, to allow long debug sessions

Rudi Sherry rsherry at adobe.com
Fri Oct 7 14:59:58 PDT 2011

Is there a way to have Safari (or webkit) have an infinite timeout waiting for the plugin process?  I need this for effective debugging.

Since Safari creates the plugin process, loads my plugin and starts it up when I click on a link, I can't pre-attach or pre-launch the plugin process.  So I go through the following:

* Have a sleep loop in NP_GetEntryPoints in my plugin
* Launch Safari
* Click on a link to a file that will invoke my plugin
 (Safari will create PluginProcess)
* In Xcode, attach to my plugin
* Manually jump past the sleep-loop

...so far, so good.  Now my plug-in loads a very substantial framework where I have some breakpoints set, so I want Xcode to load the symbols.

The problem is that it takes so long for Xcode to load the framework and process the symbols, that Safari appears to time out and kill the plugin process so I can't debug.

So is there a way to keep Safari from doing this?


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