[webkit-dev] New feature flag proposal: Joystick API

Alexey Proskuryakov ap at webkit.org
Thu Oct 6 11:50:39 PDT 2011

06.10.2011, в 11:12, James Robinson написал(а):

> Would you mind raising this concern in the relevant standards body (in this case, webevents-public at w3.org seems to be relevant)?  Debating issues with standards on webkit-dev is unproductive - it does not include all parties who have an interest, in particular other browser vendors and web developers, and it does include a lot of WebKit developers who probably aren't interested.

My interest is in avoiding immature and/or harmful specs in WebKit. Investing work into improving specs is not the only possible outcome of discussing them on webkit-dev - for example, we can just decide to not take them, or to work with another W3C working group.

06.10.2011, в 11:14, David Levin написал(а):

> Isn't a balance of usefulness vs fragmentation vs trusting developers?

Yes, certainly so.

As I see it, the reasons for Web apps popularity and even continued existence are:
- Opening Web apps is easy and safe, users and sysadmins don't need to take precautions associated with installing native applications.
- One can access any Web app from any browser.

As we all know, neither of these is achieved with anything close to absolute fidelity today, but these are nonetheless platform strengths.

I don't want to take a particularly strong stance against Joystick/Gamepad specifically, but I see codifying input device fragmentation in Web specs and APIs as a move in a wrong direction.

> When touch events are exposed, I'd expect that developers who care about having a board appeal will have alternatives for users without a touch interface but having a web page be able to respond to touch events seems useful for web pages to do to shine in that context.  (In fact developers are inclined to provide this other interface to have the broad appeal.)

Myself, I've been annoyed a few times when visiting some phone specific sites using a desktop browser. It will likely become more common.

That said, there is a difference. Touch events are fundamental and usable for many kinds of interfaces. Game oriented input devices are meant for much fewer uses, so there can be hope of getting a meaningful universal API for them.

- WBR, Alexey Proskuryakov

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