[webkit-dev] Cleaning up directories in WebCore

Darin Adler darin at apple.com
Fri Nov 18 09:54:45 PST 2011

On Nov 18, 2011, at 1:51 AM, Adam Barth wrote:

> Features/  <-- New folder for (roughly) self-contained features

I like the concept, but not the name. I’ll try to think on this and suggest a name I like better than “features”.

>  notifications/
>  storage/
>  fileapi/
>  webaudio/
>  mediastream/
>  workers/
>  websockets/
>  inspector/

Not sure these are all the best names. In some cases we include the “web” prefix from the name of the specification and in other cases we omit it. But maybe these match ENABLE names that are already long-established.

> manual-tests/  <-- Move outside of Source

Seems clearly right and different from the other suggestions; since these files are not involved in builds I think we can easily do this move sooner than other moves.

> dom/
>  events/  <-- New folder for the 106 files that match dom/*Event*

Seems OK, but sort of cuts against the feature organization. This could separate 

What about “device motion”, “device orientation”, “micro data”, “messages”, and “clipboard”? Many of these don’t seem to fit well into the dom directory even though the code is all there.

> page/
>  history/  <-- Moved from top-level

The name history is ambiguous. Is it the back/forward list (called “history” from the point of view of JavaScript, but something we are careful to never call history in WebKit API on Mac at least) or global history (the visited link machinery)?

> platform/  <-- Move to Source/Platform

Good important idea.

> The "html" and "page" directories also contain a bunch of unrelated files (presumably because they're attractive locations for folks to add files).  Once we do the directory moves above, I'll send out another proposal for cleaning up those directories a bit.

I think it’s helpful for at least one or two additional people to review a list of the files to move before we do each of these moves.

I think one useful planning tool would be a list of directories and numbers of files in them. Logical organization is important, but size is also relevant to judge the benefits of a new possible organization.

-- Darin

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