[webkit-dev] Moving WTF out of JavaScriptCore (revisited)

Adam Barth abarth at webkit.org
Wed Nov 2 13:23:51 PDT 2011

As discussed previously, I think it would benefit the project to move
WTF out of JavaScriptCore:


Previously, we've been unable to do this because of Apple's internal
build process.  In thinking about this problem again recently, I
wonder if the following would work:

1) Move JavaScriptCore.xcodeproj from
Source/JavaScriptCore/JavaScriptCore.xcodeproj to
2) Change how Apple submits JavaScriptCore to the internal build
process to submit Source as the code for "JavaScriptCore" instead of
3) Move Source/JavaScriptCore/WTF to Source/WTF.

Mark, do you have a sense for whether this plan is feasible?  If not,
is there another approach that would work better?

(If my understanding is correct, we could also apply this approach to
the other xcodeproj files, which would let us get rid of
ForwardingHeaders and move Source/WebCore/platform to


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