[webkit-dev] "-webkit-text-size-adjust: none" prevents accessibility options from working

John Reck jreck at android.com
Fri May 27 09:02:23 PDT 2011

I have been investigating an issue where accessibility features on WebKit
based browsers don't work on some sites.  Specifically, the "Minimum font
size" setting and the "Text zoom" is being ignored on some sites.  It turns
out that sites having this issue are using the CSS property
none".  [http://techcrunch.com/ (mobile version) is a site that exhibits
this behavior, or http://kllrnohj.com/test/textsize.html for a more extreme
example.]  Searches for this CSS property indicated that is is mainly used
by sites that want to prevent the text size from automatically being
adjusted on iOS when the device is rotated.

Given the importance of supporting accessibility, we are investigating
completely disabling this CSS property in our browser.  We have not seen any
uses cases except for platforms that automatically adjust text size (and
even on those platforms it seems like a bug that the site should be able to
override the browsers accessibility settings).

Before opening a bug or submitting a patch for review, I would be interested
in finding out if this issue has already been discussed, if there are any
use cases we have missed, and any thoughts on approaches to resolve this
issue.  The simplest solution is to completely ignore this property on
platforms that don't automatically adjust text size, but we may have missed
some other cases where this property could be useful.
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