[webkit-dev] New Feature - Resource Timing

James Simonsen simonjam at chromium.org
Thu May 19 18:14:53 PDT 2011

Hello webkit-dev,

The W3C Performance WG has been working on a Resource Timing spec. The spec
is starting to stabilize and we'd like to start landing it in WebKit too.

Resource Timing is a follow up to Navigation Timing, which is already in
WebKit. Resource Timing allows site developers to collect detailed network
timing information for the subresources they load. The data is exposed
through the window.performance namespace and we expect developers to ping
this information back to the server with their other analytics data. For
security reasons, the spec limits the detailed information to same-origin
resources, but there is also a provision for a CORS-like header to allow
cross-origin resource timing.

Resource Timing will be behind ENABLE(WEB_TIMING) since it relies on some of
the same infrastructure as Navigation Timing. We can add an additional
ENABLE to keep Resource Timing separate from Navigation Timing if that's

The current draft of the Resource Timing API is here:

A meta-bug to track the necessary work is here:

Please post any feedback. Thanks!

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