[webkit-dev] Building WebKit's GTK+ back-end using distcc timing

Ilyes Gouta ilyes.gouta at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 07:48:31 PST 2011


>> additional reasons why it is taking so much time now, but I would point
>> to pre-processing and linking as possible causes for the distcc master
>> now doing more work.

I would rule out the linking phase as being the bottleneck: this is
happening at the end of the process. I've eventually timed it and it's
not the one to blame. From observation I can tell that {preprocessing,
compiling C++ code, other Makefile non-visible actions} is what's
taking more time to process. And the result is very drastic: the
distcc master (the client which initiated the build) is failing to
load properly the distcc slaves, which are very capable machines, with
code to build -> these aren't properly exploited anymore.

> Especially when you do not have enough memory and the system start swapping.
> Have you checked that?

Well, distcc master itself isn't participating in the build, so no
compiler invocation and stuff... DISTCC_HOSTS contains only the remote
machines, not the localhost. No, I won't say that it's due to RAM
shortage and swapping. It's more like CPU bound than memory.

I thought that preprocessing and the # of source code files won't be
the reason, because even with the
pre-9161f3277b15aae8d15a929d5362e28cad7e01c0 (almost 1 year ago) code
base, preprocessing existed and the count of WebKit's source files is
already important. Then it must be the build system (configure.ac, the
.m4 macros and Makefiles) that has changed and caused this slowdown.

I'm still puzzled! :)


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