[webkit-dev] Building WebKit's GTK+ back-end using distcc timing

Balazs Kelemen kbalazs at webkit.org
Thu Mar 10 05:54:44 PST 2011

> As far as I know, distcc master process pre-processes the code before
> sending it to the slaves. Having more (or bigger) files in the tree
> could be the cause of your master machine having to do more work before
> offloading the compilation to the slaves. Last, but not least, more code
> means more work when linking libraries and programs, and this step is
> also done by the distcc build master. There could me some other
> additional reasons why it is taking so much time now, but I would point
> to pre-processing and linking as possible causes for the distcc master
> now doing more work.

Especially when you do not have enough memory and the system start 
Have you checked that?

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