[webkit-dev] Unverified cert: Allow wss:// if user has accepted https:// warning? (WebKit Bug 41419)

Mossman, Paul (Paul) paulmossman at avaya.com
Tue Jun 28 08:39:37 PDT 2011

Hi all,

I originally sent this to webkit-help, but I probably should have posted it here instead.

I'd like to request an alternate resolution to the following issue:
    https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41419 We should log the reason when a secure wss WebSocket connection could not be established
        (was: Secure wss WebSocket connections cannot be established)
Consider an example https://appliance.example.com, which uses a self-signed SSL certificate.  iOS Safari will warn the user:
          Cannot Verify Server Identify
          Safari can't verify the identity of "appliance.example.com".
          Would you like to continue anyway?

          Cancel / Details   /   Continue

The user chooses to "Continue".  Safari then trusts the identity of "appliance.example.com", and proceeds.  The resulting HTML may spawn additional https:// requests, which will also proceed.
Suppose though that a wss:// connection to "appliance.example.com" is initiated.  As issue 41419 states, this will fail in Safari and WebKit (r87480.)
Chrome on the other hand, consider the user's acceptance of the server's identity as valid for both wss:// and https:// connection.  This seems reasonable.  The user accepted the server's identity, with no caveat on the protocol.
Can this behaviour be implemented in WebKit as the resolution to issue 41419?

paulmossman at avaya.com
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